"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind."

-Maria Montessori

Stonebrook Montessori is a welcoming and inclusive public charter school devoted to serving child development. Adhering closely to Montessori principles, the school shows a profound commitment to student success and to serving the unique needs of each child.

Open Enrollment is Now Open for the 2019-20 School Year!

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Learning Environment

Studies have shown that children with Montessori early childhood experience enter elementary school with curiosity, self-discipline, initiative, persistence, concentration and a positive attitude toward school.

Montessori Education is:

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    Specially designed manipulative materials help children learn complex concepts with ease.

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    A 3-hour work cycle without interruption allows children to develop concentration and mastery.

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    Multi-age classrooms offer opportunities for peer mentoring, collaborative work and social interaction.

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    Thoughtfully designed learning environments support children’s unique developmental needs at each stage from birth through young adulthood.

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    Guided by highly-trained Montessori teachers who respect the child and individualize learning to maximize each child’s potential.

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    Montessori educators recognize that a child’s independent work springs from innate learning tendencies that all children possess.

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    With over 100 years of proven success, Montessori education is offered in 4,500 schools throughout the United States and 20,000 schools worldwide.

  • Children in a Montessori classroom...

    • Learn

      how to resolve conflicts peacefully

    • Develop

      confidence in their abilities and are motivated to achieve new levels of knowledge

    • Establish

      sustained relationships with the teacher and peers in a stable learning community over a three-year period

    • Are Empowered

      to make choices and develop independence

The Stonebrook Philosophy

Our Core Values

We work toward a safer, more just and peaceful world by modeling these values in our school culture.

  • Respect

    We value all living things, all aspects of the environment, especially the developing child and the supporting family unit. This deepest respect and trust in the inherent worth and unlimited potential of each individual is demonstrated through love, generosity, patience, thoughtful communication, freedom and responsibility.

  • Community

    We value an open, accepting community and foster a sense of belonging. We work in partnership across agencies and generations around a unified, community-centered purpose in the service of children. We work together in such a way that our efforts may serve the broader Montessori community.

  • Work

    We value the nobility of work and the impact of initiative. By engaging in cooperative and individual work with tenacity and commitment, all members of the community are able to experience personal growth and a feeling of usefulness in a positive, empowering environment.

  • Social Consciousness

    We value social consciousness by directly addressing issues of equity; practicing sustainability through responsibly using, reusing and recycling of our resources; and acting locally in ways that benefit our community.

  • Peace

    We value a peaceful state of being, characterized by mindful and non-aggressive behavior, and the practices of collaboration, diplomacy, empathy and solution-seeking, making our community a safe place for all.

  • Joy

    We value a joyful learning and working environment. By engaging fully in the present moment, being open to possibilities and expressing gratitude often, we cultivate joyful attitudes that inspire and motivate.

About Stonebrook

  • Staff

    Faculty and staff are highly trained, including having Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certification, Ohio teaching credentials and ongoing professional development.

  • What's in a name?

    Stonebrook Montessori was named as a combination of the Amasa Stone House that serves as the new school building and Doan Brook that runs alongside Rockefeller Park and the Cultural Gardens. The former Amasa Stone House honors the neighborhood’s rich heritage, and Doan Brook signifies the importance of preserving the urban environment.