The Stonebrook Philosophy

  • Respect

    At the core of Stonebrook Montessori is a deep sense of respect for the child. We provide a safe and joyful experience for children, honoring their abilities and natural learning rhythms and fostering their unique personalities.

  • Development

    Our approach focuses on children’s overall growth and development. Their physical well-being, emotional resilience, character and spirit are all nurtured as they are guided in their academic progress. With experience making choices and solving real problems, they gain practical life skills, develop independence, exhibit self-discipline and think creatively.

  • Nature

    Classrooms at Stonebrook Montessori are intentionally designed to have connections to nature, utilizing daylight and maximizing views of the outdoors. We value natural materials throughout the classroom, including metal, wood, glass and textiles. Children spend time working and playing outdoors daily, and the curriculum includes the sciences from the earliest ages.

  • Community

    Our educational approach instills a sense of belonging, an appreciation for cultural history and a commitment to urban sustainability. In the beautifully renovated, historic Amasa Stone House, the school serves as a neighborhood resource and works in partnership with families, neighbors and local organizations in Glenville and throughout Greater Cleveland.

  • Mission

    We serve the individual needs of Cleveland’s urban children from birth through age 15, in Montessori classroom environments that meet the highest standards and through regular interactions with nature, the neighborhood and each other. We nurture children and cultivate community.

  • Vision

    We are a thriving community that provides broad access to Montessori education, where children are joyful, engaged learners acquiring confidence in their personal and academic skills in preparation for lifelong success as capable, responsible citizens.