School and Student Achievements


The Board and Staff of Stonebrook Montessori is proud to have completed our third year as an Ohio community school providing broad access to a Montessori education to Cleveland’s urban children and families.  We are establishing a school culture that values peace, respect, work, community, social justice and joy.


As a Montessori community school, our focus is on developing the whole child. Our educational model and school culture reflect a child-centered curriculum, with developmentally appropriate learning at each age range that is further individualized to meet each child’s unique needs.


We work toward outcomes in four domains of development: academic, social, emotional, and behavioral. State testing plays a role in helping us understand how students are progressing within the academic domain, but we recognize that it is an incomplete picture in terms of holistic growth and achievement.


Our students’ engagement and success in school – and in life – is the driving vision of our Board of Directors, the entire school team, and our families. For more information about the school’s achievements, please visit more our website to review the annual reports, and take a look at our school profile in the Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s School Quality Guide. We are confident that as Stonebrook Montessori grows, it will reach additional milestones, including those outlined in the State Report Card.